Vanillas Collection

The collection Vanillas of Omnia

The Omnia Vanilla Collection was born from the need to highlight those perfumes containing Vanilla  taken from the various collections.

Why this? Simple, because the essences of vanilla used by Omnia in its perfumes are really very valuable and also very appreciated, to such an extent that Madera has been one of the most appreciated and wanted Gourmand perfumes in California for years.

For this reason Omnia proudly boasts a unique single collection of its best Vanillas that groups together 8 of them: Madeira, Crystal, White Diamond, White Madeira, Gold, Bronze, Platinum, Iron.

Oro – Vaniglie

Vanilla Collection



Our Oro fragrance opens with a unique exotic top note, which we could define as a long-lasting amber base.
The richness of aroma continues with Agarwood, also known as Oud, the fragrance of the Middle East, also called “Liquid Gold.” Oro is the triumph of woody notes blended with the sweet gourmand notes of vanilla and caramel.
Heady notes at the beginning, floral explosion of peach and roses with a touch of saffron in the heart. Amber and leather make a warm and pleasant blend refreshed by vetiver and white musk.

– Female fragrance | AVAILABLE IN 100 ml




White Diamante



Totally new premium 2017 fragrances of our WHITE line – White Diamond.
This fragrance is making you melt inside of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. You will feel the touch of a treasure on your skin and real sensations within this amazing and rich gourmand perfume. The remarkable white color of the box will obviously catch your attention.

AVAILABLE IN 30 ml and 100 ml

Ferro – Vaniglie

Vanilla Collection




Ferro is the latest addition to the Metals Collection, a Gourmand fragrance that in fact is also part of the Omnia Vanilla Collection because of its characteristic note of Omnia vanilla, an unmistakable round and enveloping vanilla.

This perfume, with a hard name, shows its true masculine character with its strong notes of wood, patchouli and a note of brandy.

These strong notes are softened and balanced with subtle notes of cocoa and classic Omnia vanilla, closing with the enveloping notes of leather expertly mixed with Tonka bean and Patchouli give the fragrance a distinctive sign of sensuality.




Bronzo – Vaniglie

Vanilla Collection




Ancient memories of timeless charm inspire this surprising feminine fragrance that immediately captures the sweetness of vanilla and caramel and then seduces us with the irreverence of spices such as cloves. If the top notes are exquisitely greedy, the body notes keep mind and body in a warm embrace, thanks to the vanilla of Madagascar and cinnamon, while the amber background notes complete this essence, enhancing its sensuality.









Garnet gemstones: different colors, from classic red to shades of purple, pink, yellow, and orange.
The fragrance was made to reflect these unexpected characteristics. In top notes you will find explosive intensity of white thyme, cooled down by freshness of hawthorn, lilac and gardenia. After that the real magic starts: mixture of flowers and sensual cardamom, cinnamon, and patchouli scents, with a presence of sandalwood, cedar, vanilla, and musk notes. All that makes Granato finished, and with a deep fragrance.

AVAILABLE IN 30 ml and 100 ml

Platino – Vaniglie




The name of Platino gives us a posh and rich image of this metal. Flexible and mild by structure, pure happiness, softness, and sweetness by emotion.
These all are the features of our Platino fragrance: candy combination with coconut, milk scents, and vanilla. Adding the floral scents of sweet acacia and triumphant jasmine, symbolizing innocence, sensuality, and femininity of a fragrance. Half gourmand, half sweetly flowered perfume.

– Female fragrance | AVAILABLE IN 30 ml and 100 ml.



White Madera



Our premium 2016 fragrance of WHITE line – White Madera.
The sweet and warm notes of vanilla and caramel become clearer thanks to notes of star anise and cinnamon. The fresh notes mix this scent with sensations gourmand, more concentrated and totally unisex.

AVAILABLE IN 30 ml and 100 ml