About us

Fabrizio Tagliacarne

Founder e CEO

The history of Omnia Profumi and its products comes from the combination of passion and experience in the field of jewellery and gemology, in which the Tagliacarne family has been working for many years.

Fabrizio Tagliacarne, creator of unique jewels, founded Omnia Profumi in 2009. The passion for essences that has always fostered Fabrizio, has given rise to a new experience and a new creative path.

He is the nose and creator of all the fragrances belonging to the collections.

Each perfume tells a moment, a period, a fragment of Fabrizio’s life and each perfume has been combined with a stone or a metal to create a Jewel Collection rich in precious and natural essences.

The Stones and Metals, those materials that inspired Fabrizio while working with jewels, have now inspired him in the creation of his perfumes. To highlight new precious and highly requested fragrances, he has created the White Stone range “White Stone”, like White Madera, which, with the note of Anise, gives the classic Madera fragrance a fresher and more summery note, much appreciated by customers.

 This is how unique and precious pieces, capable of transmitting an immediate and palpable refinement, are created in Omnia.

 Omnia was born with the “Stones” Collection, followed by “Metals” and “White Stone”.

 In April 2019, a brand new collection was launched in Dubai and Milan, and, in September 2019, in occasion of Omnia’s anniversary of the 10th year of activity, a new Creation was launched in Cannes: the Olfactory Relations Collection.

In 2019 Omnia celebrated its 10th anniversary with the launch of the new personal brand of “Fabrizio Tagliacarne” with a single fragrance that he called “ICIO”, his nickname.

Omnia’s best seller is undoubtedly Madera, one of the first fragrances created; it is a Gourmand fragrance par excellence. The Omnia Vanillas are full, round, enveloping and persistent and are part of many of the perfumes in the various collections. For this reason Omnia has decided to include them in a Vanilla Collection to highlight this category of highly sought after essences.






First of all Fabrizio Tagliacarne, to his friends “ICIO”, is the founder and creator of Omnia Profumi.

Fabrizio, born under the star sign of Leo, is fiery, fond of outdoor sports, a curious soul, easy- going, amusing, avid motorcyclist, a true Gentleman rider; his favorite fragrance, self –created, is Opal, which reflects him in every note. Each of Fabrizio’s creations are dedicated to a moment, a person or a feeling.

His career, through the world of jewelry and unique pieces has led him to create perfumes as a complement to his jewels, this for the passion that Fabrizio has always nurtured for essences.

The perfumes have so much involved him that he devoted himself exclusively to the creation of them in the world of the niche perfumery, continuing through the world of luxury.

In 2019 Fabrizio celebrated 10 years of Omnia and on that occasion, he launched his personal brand “Fabrizio Tagliacarne” with a single fragrance that he called “ICIO”, his nickname.

This intriguing mix of precious essences was created as a tribute to  Fabrizio’s grandfather who called him “ICIO”, enclosing  all the scents and smells related to his grandfather such as tobacco, Vetiver, wood inside the bottle… a loving memory of him, who  accompanied Fabrizio’s childhood, now enclosed in an elegant and refined packaging.

Let Fabrizio tell us his story…

“FABRIZIO PARLA DI OMNIA – 10 years have been really intense, the passion has brought me here and I must say that all the time I have dedicated to the study and research of every single step in the creation of what Omnia Profumi has become, is worth the efforts made.

A small niche company that offers a luxury lifestyle through its fragrances, all natural fragrances, certified, a pride of Made in Italy. The message of what I create is inside the bottle!

Omnia and Fabrizio Tagliacarne Brand are a niche Maison in a world of great masters of perfumery and great noses. A dynamic Atelier, with many ideas, always on the move and constantly growing, positioned with great attention and care in the best artistic and niche perfumeries!

Each fragrance is a story”.